We work with local communities to resolve human-elephant conflict

About Wild Survivors


Our mission is to prevent human-elephant conflict by delivering sustainable initiatives which place community welfare at the heart of wildlife conservation.


Our vision is for the elephants in Tanzania to have freedom of movement between migration zones, and a secure, stable habitat, which supports a biodiverse ecosystem. Our goal is to provide the tools, training and materials to support communities across Northern Tanzania, with passive solutions to human-elephant conflict. We aim to install 1.75km of beehive fence with 175 beehives, on the border of Ngorongoro Crater,  and 5km of beehive fence with 250 beehives on the border of Tarangire National Park. Communities in both districts of Karatu and Babati will receive beekeepers’ training, a honey and wax market chain, and iniatives in biofuel to protect the forests and elephant habitat from tree felling.

Wild Survivors four pillars

We build our human-elephant coexistence projects on four core priorities: Wildlife, Community, Bees, Forests.
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Francesca Mahoney Wild Survivors Founder Director


Founder and Director

Francesca trained in Broadcast Journalism, with a specialism in foreign correspondence. Previously, she worked in Tanzania and South Africa, with the monitoring of elephants, and community development. Francesca established Wild Survivors in 2016, following the elephant poaching epidemic, with a mission to create sustainable solutions to human-elephant conflict. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the charity: Project management, marketing, donor recruitment, and media relations.

Wild Survivors Conservation Science Manager, Beth Lewis-Whelan


Conservation Science Manager

Beth holds an MSc in Primate Conservation, with her research specialising in the illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia, and the welfare of civets for the kopi luwak industry. Beth’s passion for East African wildlife and communities was fuelled by a position with Olepangi Farm Lodge as a horse riding safari guide in Kenya. Beth assists in the development and delivery of our projects, including and data management and the designing of our Monitoring and Analysis Framework.

Tanzania Operations

Wild Survivors Project Coordinator Gervas Lubuva


Logistics and Project Coordinator

Gervas has a mass of experience and knowledge of Tanzania, and was born and raised in the North of the country, his village bordering what is now known as Tarangire National Park. Gervas has an impressive enclyclopedic knowledge of elephants, the environment and other wildlife. With a background in tour operation, Gervas has built a reputation for his integrity, around the clock work ethic, and unquie humour, with tourists and villagers alike. Gervas coordinates our project activities, field team communication, and continued community engagement.

Masaka profile


Data and Research Coordinator

Wild Survivors honouree trustee, Albert Mshanga


Honouree TZ Trustee

Community Field Team

Wild Survivors project beekeeping teacher, Hermant


Hermant Luciani

Wild Survivors field team Hermant and Sirily checking beehive fence instructions


Sirily Clement

Wild Survivors Bee Guardians


John Massey

Deogratius Domician


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