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Climbing for Conservation

Climbing for Conservation – what’s not to love about that?
Climbing for Conservation is a Wild Survivors and PAMS Foundation fundraising event which launched in 2018. Wild Survivors is a UK charity based in Tanzania, a country in East Africa. The founder, Francesca Mahoney, has dedicated her life to creating an organisation to protect and save both the elephant and bee populations in Africa. PAMS Foundation is an organisation committed to the preservation of wildlife in Tanzania, but also works to stop illegal poaching. The challenge is a Twin Peak hiking expedition, where participants will take on Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro back to back, for a total of a 13-day journey. Climbers can also choose to participate in a single peak challenge, to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, only, for a 6-day journey.

The purpose of this challenge is not only to raise money for Wild Survivors and PAMS, but to also shine a light on the life and legacy of Wayne Lotter, the co-founder of PAMS, and raise awareness for conservation solutions from Wild Survivors and PAMS Foundation.

Wayne Lotter
Wayne Lotter, co-founder of PAMS Foundation. Image courtesy of PAMS Foundation

Wayne Lotter

Wayne Lotter is a fallen hero in the world of elephant conservation. He worked incredibly hard in many forms of elephant conservation in Tanzania, from intelligence-led anti-poaching operations, to community empowerment and unprecedented campaigns. After years of receiving threats to his life for his work saving the elephants and stopping poachers, Wayne lost his life on 16th August 2017, during a targeted ambush.

This challenge works to keep Wayne’s legacy alive through those who love nature and do not fear a challenge. This not only reflects Wayne’s personality but also the goals of both Wild Survivors and PAMS. As climbers ascend to the tops of some of Africa’s highest mountains, their sponsorship will allow both organizations to grow. For PAMS, the funds raised will lead to intense ranger training, intelligence-led anti-poaching operations, and wildlife education. For Wild Survivors, climbers will be helping to create peace between farmers and migrating elephants, reducing conflict with effective beehive boundary fences.

There are many different ways for climbers to raise money and for friends and families to donate. Each climber is required to raise a minimum of $250.00 USB/ £250.00 GBP and is encouraged to raise as much as they can. They will also receive a fundraising pack which has an optional Just Giving Page, as well as ideas for fundraising and tips on how to engage people in the climbing challenge.

Any amount of donation helps to aid the efforts of Wild Survivors and PAMS. Just £10 can fund a community team’s data collector for the day, who is responsible for monitoring elephant movement and crop-raiding behaviour. £20 contributes to the purchase of a GPS device to assist rangers and data collectors in pinpointing important conflict zones and elephant migration routes. With £64 sponsoring a peacekeeping beehive.

You can sign up to join the 2021 expedition by emailing Francesca Mahoney on francesca@wildsurvivors.org 

Mt. Meru

This is the summit of Mt. Meru, at an elevation of 4,565 m. The trek will take climbers 4 days and 3 nights, followed by a rest day before they take on part two of the expedition – Mt. Kilimanjaro.

This is the summit of Mt. Meru, at an elevation of 4,565 m. The trek will take climbers 4 days and 3 nights, followed by a rest day before they take on part two of the expedition – Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Mt. Meru
Climbing for Conservation climbers approaching the summit of Mt. Meru, Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro has a beautiful peak at 5,895 m in elevation. This trek will take climbers 6 days and 5 nights. After each long day of hiking, climbers will stay in pre-arranged campsites on the mountains.

Mt. Kilimanjaro
The summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the world's tallest free-standing mountain.

We are really excited to launch this new fundraising challenge in honour of Wayne Lotter, and to boost global efforts in supporting both Wild Survivors and PAMS Foundation. Both organisations work tirelessly to support, protect, and save wildlife and elephant populations in Tanzania, with a combined goal and vision to make Tanzania the beautiful and natural country it should be.

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