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Under Threat
One elephant is being slaughtered every 15 minutes in Africa


... In the last 5 years the population of elephants in Tanzania has gone from 109,000 to 43,330*

85,181 elephants slaughtered since 2009 in Tanzania, and counting In 1989 the ivory ban was introduced and signed by countries worldwide More than 100 rangers are killed every year protecting endangered elephants
$60,000 is the street value of 2 tusks of ivory in China. The poachers receive $800
The catastrophic rate of poaching is destroying dwindling elephant populations and it's on the increase. By no means is it becoming under control, as much as some foreign media will have the world believe. Very soon they will all be gone. We must save the elephants. They have every right to continue to live and breed and be a part of our planet. Their contribution to our ecosystem is immeasurable. Elephants travel huge distances and can be difficult to track and monitor. Wild Survivors will use cutting-edge technology to improve the monitoring of elephants and the movement of poachers. It is absolutely vital that we protect these incredible creatures, and preserve our environment. The elephant family have lived on this earth for 55 million years. To put this into perspective, we, as humans, have existed on this planet for just 200,000 years.
You can make an incredible impact on conservation TODAY. Get involved, join us in our mission to save the elephants!
 Elephants devote their lives to protecting their family. They support all other species who live alongside them
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"Yesterday’s ‘tomorrow’ has arrived. Our ‘tomorrow’ will be too late. There is only ’today’ left. We have to put it right now." David Fettes, Award-winning wildlife photographer
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