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Core team
Animals, nature and the environment have always held a huge place in Francesca's heart, and drove a passion, which grew and grew, leading her to spend time in Africa in 2007. Having completed college and secured a place at university to study Broadcast Journalism, Francesca took a year to feed her hunger and fascination with Africa, and its ecology. "I will always remember the feeling of seeing an elephant in the wild for the first time. It’s a completely different experience from visiting an animal in captivity. I’d seen television programmes about elephants, and read books, but seeing this beautiful, strong, intelligent animal, comfortable and confident in its own habitat, is incomparable."
Francesca Mahoney
Everyone should have the pleasure and opportunity to see one in the wild.
We have made it our mission at Wild Survivors to save the endangered African elephants. They are targeted every day by poachers, who hunt them relentlessly. Their tusks are hacked off, so that ivory trinkets and chopsticks can turn a profit across China and the United States.
Core Team
Gervas Lubuva
Trustees We have specially selected our trustees to represent communities all over the world. They bring together skills in technology, fundraising, marketing, psychology and an overwhelming passion for conserving our planet. Wild Survivors' team of trustees extends across continents and importantly, Tanzania; at the heart of our mission. Gervas has a mass of experience and knowledge of Tanzania, having grown up in the north of the country, close to what is now known as Tarangire National Park. Gervas has developed an understanding of elephants, the environment and local habitat. His friendly, approachable nature and integrity have earned him the respect of villagers and tourists alike. With a background in tour operation, Gervas has built a unique business in the tourism industry, and has become an integral part of Wild Survivors' activities on the ground. Gervas has crucial relationships with key contacts in Tanzania, as part of our community projects. He is an invaluable member of our core team; with a vast knowledge of elephant behaviour and a commitment to protecting this threatened species.
How could you help save the African elephant? When you hear the horrific news that another great tusker has lost his life, or a young calf is now orphaned following a malicious attack on her mother, you may feel frustrated. How is this able to happen? What can I do to help, when this seems to be an ongoing crises? But there is a vital tool we have against the criminal networks operating. A conviction that they will NOT control the future for elephants. Short-term preventative action through focused elephant protection is needed NOW. We have a chance to save elephants while they are still alive.
 Be a champion for elephants by joining our team! Volunteer at our on-going fundraising events; funding critical work on the front line of elephant protection. If one of your goals for 2016 is to do more for our planet, now is your chance.
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“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall
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