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One elephant is being slaughtered every 15 minutes in Africa
Our vision is a world where elephants can roam freely, supporting a bio-diverse ecosystem in Eastern Africa. We envisage a future where communities unite and use innovation and resourceful approaches to sustain their livelihoods. A world where people and wildlife can co-exist and thrive peacefully, without the threat of poaching, the demand for ivory and the intimidation by poaching gangs on rural people.
Elephants are struggling to survive. 123,000 have been slaughtered in the past 3 years, and counting. We're in a race against time to save this critically endangered species from extinction.
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People will pay $60,000 for two tusks of ivory, carved into their desired trinket. That's the equivalent of buying a new Volkswagon Touareg 4x4, in cash. The enormous demand for a symbol of status across Asia and the United States, is driving this lucrative illegal trade.
We can help stop the relentless poaching of these magnificent creatures… With cutting-edge technology and advanced education, we have a new means to support rangers and villagers. We will combat the global ivory trade. Together, we can save the lives of the endangered African elephant.
Why is Wild Survivors different?
We have a personal, focused approach to all of our projects and campaigns...
As a small charity, we're all actively working towards a clear vision. It’s a world where elephants can roam freely in the wild, without being slaughtered for their tusks, or killed for causing damage to a farm. We share a caring culture where communities are at the heart of progress; changing attitudes towards elephants and owning solutions which empower, encourage and educate. The result will be a better, stronger future in rural Tanzania.
We combine low-cost environmentally friendly initiatives, with fundamental education and empowerment; to create a new movement for saving elephants from extinction, and strengthening rural communities with sustainable solutions:
Protect We have new strategies to protect and conserve our largest land mammal. It's crucial to combine multiple methods in protecting this keystone species and saving elephants from extinction. Poachers are usually recruited from local villages, where local people have no other choice but to take this dangerous yet profitable work. Providing viable alternatives to other means of employment is vital. Also by assisting Tanzanians to reject intimidation by crime networks. Whilst closer to home, we will protect both elephants and farms with the installation of bee hives; a natural deterrent to these inquisitive animals.
Education Education is paramount. We recognise the importance of working with local people, and the Maasai tribes of Northern Tanzania, to provide practical solutions for communities. This is not new thinking, but it does require a fresh approach. It's crucial for elephant and human survival to protect land use and make sure that free passage for migrating elephants is possible. The population in Tanzania is set to more than double by 2050, to 137 million people. The loss of natural habitat and the growing argument over grazing rights is one of the leading factors in the struggle to save elephants.
Empowerment We believe that owning your own solutions to problems faced, and being given the opportunity to improve your skills and income, is the foundation for a positive, sustainable future. Therefore, we will focus our efforts on providing new employment to villagers and rural people, for example, those who have lost their farms to elephants, or young people hoping to take on new challenges and support their families. By offering ranger training programmes, men and women villagers will be encouraged to learn new skills, becoming a part of a growing team protecting Tanzania's dwindling elephant population and their own heritage.
Technology We’re bringing the war against the illegal ivory trade into a new era by using revolutionary technology to deliver critical data and real-time imagery to rangers on the ground. Not only is this vital for monitoring the roaming of elephant herds, but it will also become possible to track the movement of poachers and traffickers. Whilst we admire the long-standing research work conducted by other NGO's in the field, we want to take monitoring to the next level. By adopting inexpensive satellite earth-imaging, we plan to provide rangers with accurate, real time tracking intelligence to aid them in intervening and pre-empting poaching. This is critical in dismantling trafficking networks.
Technology Empowerment
Why are elephants afraid of bees?
Bees Saving Elephants Project
At Wild Survivors we keep overheads to a minimum and ensure transparency across our spending. You will know how every penny is spent, how every project is developed and how your donation makes a difference to both elephants and communities. If you think this is a worthwhile cause, you could become a keystone donor. You could be personally involved in projects, with news of developments delivered directly to your inbox. We will listen to your feedback and ideas, and you will have the opportunity to visit projects and witness first hand what your donation to Wild Survivors is helping to achieve.
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"This planet can provide for human need, but not for human greed." Mahatma Gandhi
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